Say NO More to Acute and Chronic Pain!

ICON Health Science is a Health and Wellness Company that is committed to providing the general public with non-narcotic and systemic alternatives to managing acute and chronic pain. 

ICON Health Science was founded in 2013 by two brothers- a board certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine physician, and a former pharmaceutical executive with over 20 years experience in the industry.

  • Reliable and Effective Formula

    Our IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) relief supplements were conceived by a pain medicine physician, and formulated and developed by a team of pharmaceutical and nutritional experts.

  • Made in USA

    Nutragesic is made in the United States in a Certified Approved Facility. The compounds that have been combined to formulate it have all been individually studied and have been shown to be efficacious in the management and treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

  • Just 1 Capsule per day

    The IBS support vitamins and compounds in these supplements are potent. A capsule per day is enough to relieve symptoms and begin the process of healing.

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